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Each plant listed in our catalog has a Hardiness Zone number rating which refers to this USDA Hardiness Zone map. The hardiness zones are based on the average annual low temperature for each zone. Many factors such as wind exposure, snow cover, soil types, excessive or minimal rainfall, proximity to bodies of water, etc. can create variations within zones and therefore influence the growth of certain plants. Zone ratings serve as a general guide for selecting a plant suitable for your area and indicate the minimum temperature we believe the variety will tolerate. When you find the zone in which you are planting you will be able to determine if your location is suitable for winter survival of a zone rated plant.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
Zone Avg. Annual Low
2 -40ºF through -50ºF
3 -30ºF through -40ºF
4 -20ºF through -30ºF
5 -10ºF through -20ºF
6 0ºF through -10ºF
7 10ºF through 0ºF
8 20ºF through 10ºF
9 30ºF through 20ºF
10 40ºF through 30ºF

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